Exploring Wines across the UK: A Guided Tour with Michele Thursz

Wine enthusiasts seeking a new journey will find a haven in the United Kingdom, where ancient vineyards are steeped in rich traditions and endless stories. The UK might come as a surprise to many, being steeped in so much historical significance but often overlooked as a wine destination. Nevertheless, the last few decades have seen a markable surge in quality UK vineyards, with English and Welsh wines gaining recognition on a global scale.

Expert wine lovers and novices alike will appreciate the insight and guidance provided by Michele Thursz. With a keen palette and a deep appreciation for every type of wine, Thursz guides readers and wine lovers through the intricacies and delights of UK wines. From understanding grape varieties to recognising regional nuances, the experience is illuminating for everyone who partakes in it.

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Thursz’s tours go beyond the contents of the wine bottles. It’s also about appreciating the winemaking process, the history of the vineyards, and the passionate people behind UK’s wine industry. So join us on this journey, as we traverse the vineyards of the UK with Michele Thursz. It’s a tour not to be missed.

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